The Professional Choice

Everything we do is done for a reason: to help us provide a no-fuss, ultra-reliable service while keeping our team, our customers and the community safe.


We provide high quality, premium reliability linehaul, road feeder, refrigerated and high-value express freight across Australia. Our fleet of over 75 prime movers and trailers is supported by three company-operated locations including our own maintenance facilities in Melbourne and Sydney.


Road feeder


High Value Cargo


On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our operations team is focused entirely on ensuring that our customers’ freight is safely delivered on time. Without compromise or short cut, we operate with the highest standards of cleanliness and maintenance at all levels of the business.

Customer service





We pride ourselves on consistently operating at a DIFOT rate of above 99%. We hold ourselves to very high standards of reliability, building multiple contingencies into they way we work. These include locating spare prime movers and other equipment at strategic locations, and operating our own tow trucks from Tullamarine in Victoria and Minchinbury in NSW.

DIFOT rate of above 99%.


In Transit




Our philosophy has always been that safety is not negotiable. This extends from driver training and monitoring to the use of the latest technologies (such as lane departure warning systems, or LDWS) to a rigorous preventative maintenance regime. ISO 9001 quality certification supports a culture of continuous improvement.

Accreditations and memberships


Our commitment to old-fashioned values of service and quality doesn’t mean we shy away from modern technology. In fact the opposite is the case, as we constantly research new technologies that can help improve our performance (e.g. GPS), our safety (LDWS) or the service we offer our customers (real-time tracking).


By operating a large fleet of vehicles between all of Australia’s major cities, we are able to offer the flexibility needed to meet the demands of today’s business environment.