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Freestone's Transport offers over-night express delivery with our Personal Management Delivery System (PMDS) ensuring communications  between the Customer and Management is constant. At Freestone's Transport, the Customer is always in control


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Friday, February 28, 2014

Further Fatigue Initiatives at Freestone's Transport in 2014


Welfare Calls, a renewed departure system and the retrofitting of Lane Warning Departure Systems to the entire fleet are three fatigue-busting initiatives already bearing fruit at Freestone's Transport.

General Manager of Freestone's Transport Jody Freestone has championed new fatigue measures in 2014, in line with the Freestone's Transport Annual Fatigue Management Review.


30 min maximum load time at StarTrack Depots


After analysing data it was shown drivers at most risk of fatigue are those waiting for extended periods for their loads.

With this knowledge, Management and Operational Management at Freestone’s Transport started a process that resulted in Freestone's Transport drivers not spending more than 30 minutes in a Startrack Depot, from driving in, loading, pre-trip checks and leaving for their destination.

"This is something we are very proud of," Jody Freestone says.

“Drivers now stay at home, or, if they are interstate, wait at the staff quarters until a call is made to them when their loads are ready.

“Specifically because of this simple system drivers are waiting far less, greatly mitigating fatigue issues, StarTrack Operational Management have less traffic to contend with and the driving staff are generally happier,” she says.

“Something we also do routinely now is drivers that we know are leaving later, always receive a Welfare Call, as we now know they are the most in need.

“The reaction from the drivers has been fantastic,” Freestone says.


LWDS- OnLane


Freestone’s Transport is the first Australian transport business to install WABCO’s OnLane™, a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), across their entire fleet.

Moving forward from trials completed in December 2013, Freestone’s Transport is now installing WABCO’s, a Belgium headquartered company technology to further enhance their Fatigue Management Protocol.

Unintentional lane departure is a primary cause of accidents involving trucks and buses globally. In Australia 14 percent of all fatal crashes and 5031 non-fatal injuries were caused directly because of unintentional lane departure as per statistics from the last census.

In fact projections estimated In the Centre for Automotive Safety Research’s report Analysis of crash data to estimate the benefits, forecast a huge 100 fewer lane departure fatalities would be achieved with LDWT technology, equating to an overall seven percent drop in fatalities and a federal saving of some 365 million dollars.

The Freestone’s Transport Fleet are looking set to be fully installed with the OnLane device by November 2014

Quality and Efficiency


Freestone's Transport has cemented its reputation for unrivaled standards on the road, in the workshop and with our ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Accreditation. 

With  fastidious presentation standards known throughout the industry, Freestone's Transport believes these standards together with our reputation for excellence built up over 30 years in the industry,  flow through to all aspects of the business, creating efficiency on the road and within our management team.

This is because we take standards and efficiency seriously, and know that systems create continuity.

Continuity breeds consistency and with consistency measurable benchmarks, creating a clear vision for success.

The Directors at Freestone's Transport also believe that if you focus on standards, from aesthetics through to safety and maintenence, you breed a culture of pride and the effects flow through the entire business, creating more opportunities and a better work culture.





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Freestone's Latest Fatigue Inititave- OnLane™